Does Bazooka Sour Straws contains diacetyl ?

Does Bazooka Sour Straws contains diacetyl ?

Have you read a lot of reviews about the Bazooka sour staws which is much cheaper and seems to be universally liked  Just wondering if anyone knows if it contains Diacety?

Honestly, Diacetyl isn’t something that you really should be worried about. It’s made out to be a WAY bigger thing than it actually is. There is around 700x the amount Diacetyl in a single cigarette than there is in a eliquid that has it in it.

I really recommend reading up on it and doing some research about it before making up your mind about it and getting too worried.

Plus, most eliquids that do contain Diacetyl are eliquids with creamy, buttery, custardy flavors. So mostly dessert flavors are the ones you would need to watch out for. This is an exact thing though, some other flavor profiles might have it in it.

The only real way of knowing would be to ask the manufacturer or knowing the exact flavors that go in it and looking it up, and even then there are some flavor makers that don’t tell you if it’s there or not.

You could probably send it in to a lab but that’s extremely pricey and not usually something most people can afford.

My Reviews on Diacetyl

I kinda read up on the Diacetyl the consensus was that is probably not as bad as smoking. The reason trying to avoid liquids with Diacetyl is basically because I just started recently so haven’t tried any flavors with it . we have heard that it makes the eliquid tastier.

Heck, it’s even hard to find a good ol’ Custard flavor nowadays! A lot of vendors that made some of my favorite Custard flavors ended up either changing their recipes or just discontinuing the flavors altogether.

Most of the ones that did stay and had their recipes changed, Well i have also tried Vgod Pakistan don’t even compare to how good they were before the whole DA/AP controversy

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